Pedro José Bernárdez Sarría


I'm a composer interested in creating objectively great works- works that are masterful in construction and move the mind- works that shimmer and extoll all that is great about the human condition. As such I continue to study and think about the objectively great in music- and to create appropriately.




Licensing agreement w/Opus 1 Music Library

AMC's Freakshow (Music Supervisor Ryan Neill, Opus 1 Music Library)

Harpsichore (music video, dir. Pierre Nemoff)

Rondo (music video, dir. Pierre Nemoff)

Licensing agreement w/Trickle Down Entertainment Music Library

Healing Hands (jingle session work, Healing Hands Medical Group) 

CEG Black Forest (Xiao Hui Wang Art Center)

The Eros of Flowers (Xiao Hui Wang Art Center)

Radiance of the Sun (jingle, Trim Rock)

A mí también me duele (short, dir. Yael Farache)

Por un pelo (short, dir. Mariana Bernárdez)

Fall (music video, dir. Mariana Bernárdez)



Ballgame Foibles (for David Bohn, pr. Appleton, WI, 2016)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Airport, for David Bohn (pr. Appleton, WI, 2013)

Missa Brevis for Coro de Solistas Marielba Losada de Itriago (pr. Caracas, 2009)

Wedding March for Isabel Reyna (pr. Caracas, 2009)

Paropia for Piano and Orquesta (pr. Festival Jóvenes Pianistas, pr. Colegio Emil Friedman, 2004)

Piece for Clarinet and Piano (for Alfredo Ovalles, pr. Ateneo de Caracas, El Piano del Ateneo Festival, 2004)



(A Girl Named) Tokyo (song; darrylle9, 2017)

April’s Dismay (song, lyrics by Nicole Olivia, 2016)

The Dainty Dames (Dainty Dames Productions, 2014)

Charlotte Blake's The Dainty Dames (Dainty Dames Productions, 2015)

Hollywood Heist, show score (Dainty Dames Productions, 2014)

Find the Party (single, w/Jaysinn Vox, Mir Wave, Jon Sloan, 2013)

Have a Real Safe Trip (single, w/Fabian Fernandez, Jon Sloan, 2013)

Noticiero UCAB (radio show project, dir. Mariana Bernárdez, 2009)

Máquinas Sonoras Project (Universidad Simón Bolívar, 2009)


(US) Ragtime No. 3 (Casa Sánchez, Culver City, 2013)

Impressions 1-4 (Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, Whittier, 2012)

Asalto a Torreón (Musicians' 47, Hollywood, 2011)

A Stroll (Musicians' 47, Hollywood, 2010)

Ragtime No. 2 (Universidad Simón Bolívar, 2009)

Elementos (Universidad Simón Bolívar, 2009)

Harpsichore and Rondo (music videos, dir. Pierre Nemoff, 2006-2007)

Jabberwocky (Berklee, w/soprano Aspasia Qirjaqi, 2007)

Piano Sonata No. 1 (Berklee, Composition Students Concert, 2007)

Centimeter Rag, Prometheus, Laurie's Waltz (Berklee, 2006-2007)

Para Anne (Luxembourg, 2008)

Sonatina, Harpsichore (Old South Church, Society of Composers Concert, 2007)



Ruta Quetzal Prize for En La Corte de Ahuízotl (2004, for piano and 2 flutes)

Vox Novus 15 Minutes of Fame: David Bohn (2016 and 2013)

International Songwriting Competition (2016, semifinalist)

Tom Hess Corporation Music and Guitar Playing Contest (2017, finalist)

Fidelio Piano Composition Competition (2016, semifinalist)

Dean's List (2007, Berklee College of Music)



McDonald's CRED Series, 2012; McDonald's-sponsored documentary featuring me and composer/producer/orchestrator  Germaine Franco (Coco, Walk with Me, Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3, How to Train your Dragon 2, The Bourne Supremacy, Margarita)

Richard Kessler, Dewey 21C Arts Journal Blog, Jon Deak Guest Blogger, Creating Music with El Sistema Series, April 17-30 2010; mentions my participation as a teacher in master composer Diana Arismendi and former New York Philahormonic contrabassist Jon Deak's El Sistema-sponsored composition workshop for children

Fundación BBVA Provincial, Expedición 2004; announcement of my composition winning one of the spots on Ruta Quetzal 2004 (Banco BBVA, Government of Spain, The Spanish Crown

Fundación BBVA Provincial, Expedición 2004; announcement of my composition winning the Ruta Quetzal 2004 prize

El Mundo, Dirario de Ruta Quetzal 2004; shows my participation in the 2004 Ruta Quetzal

El Universal, April 20, 2004 issue; describes my participation in the 2004 Ruta Quetzal

El Mundo, Dirario de Ruta Quetzal 2004; shows my participation in the 2004 Ruta Quetzal

Brett Stewart's "The Jukebox" podcast, Episode 24 (September 25 2016); three of my tracks were chosen by Brett Stewart to be showcased on his podcast

NM421, June 8, 2013 issue; Vox Novus' newsletter; announcement of one of my pieces being selected for the Minutes of Fame David Bohn 2013 concert in Appleton, WI

No Conduct Radio; my music was featured on season 3 episode 5

Beyond the Record; interview about my music

Yoly Rojas, MESTIZAJE CULTURAL Y NACIONALISMO EN LA MÚSICA ELECTROACÚSTICA IBEROAMERICANA DE LA PRIMERA DÉCADA DEL S. XXI: EL CASO CONCRETO DE VENEZUELA, April 2015, p. 219, p. 247-248, p. 338-339, p- 343; one of my works, Elementos, was showcased in Dr. Yoly Rojas' doctoral thesis

 El Panamericano News, September 2013 issue, p. 21; describes my participation as pianist in the Confirmation ceremony of Alexandra B'Lamas


El Nacional, August 7, 2007 DOMINGO issue, p. 10; mentions me as one of several precocious children