©Marni Lustig Photography

©Marni Lustig Photography


From the mean streets of Caracas, Venezuela, to the dream streets of Hollywood, California, Pedro José Bernárdez Sarría has followed an interesting path on his way to a musical career. Starting out as a child prodigy, Pedro has adopted an eclectic palette of musical interests and genres, including ragtime, classical, pop and jazz. 


He's composed- and continues to compose- music for concert commissions, artists (songwriting), film, TV, radio, commercials, other licensing, musical theater and custom opportunities. He has 21 composer credits; licensing agreements (Opus 1 Music Library, Trickle Down Entertainment, Getty Music); music on AMC´s Freakshow (through Opus 1 Music), and interned at The Music Collective in Studio City (2012).


He began playing at the age of 5. Highlights include 11 shows a week between 2012-2013 at Casa Sánchez (Culver City) and 2 shows a week at Next Door Lounge (2013-2014), as well as numerous gigs and performances in 40+ venues throughout 14 countries (and international waters).


Pedro currently owns and runs a boutique recording facility in Sherman Oaks, in association with award-winning engineer David Henszey. They specialize in audio post (music, sound, dialogue), vocal tracking, stereo mixing and mastering and (soon) Dolby ATMOS mixing and mastering.